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Digitalizamos Negocios

Digitalizamos Negocios.

Te ayudaremos a digitalizar tu negocio y que puedas optimizar ventas, reservas y mucho mas con tu pagina web de forma online.

Outgrid completed 12,782 performance reviews.

Tailored templates

Tailored templates

Create custom templates and cycles for various purposes.


Establish simple custom review workflows.


Focus conversations outcomes with employee objectives.


Schedule follow-up actions to keep momentum.

Recibe pagos online.

Si quieres recibir pagos a traves de internet no te precocupes, nosotros te añadiremos un sistema de pagos online.

Helps organizations undergo cultural transformation.

Set unambiguous objectives, agree on priorities, and track advancement across your entire organization.

Performance reviews and check-ins completed


Companies that are embracing 360-degree feedback


Business grows together with recharge.


Revisions made to goals and individual growth plans.

Facilita las reservas a tus clientes.

¿Tus clientes tienen que reservar cita previa en el local?

¿Tus clientes tienen que reservar cita previa en el local?

No te preocupes crearemos un sistema online para facilitar a tus clientes las citas previas y además con avisos automáticos para que confirmen sus citas.

“The data we can get from Outgrid is just so useful for us as a team. It helps us to identify trends, spot areas of strength and things that need attention. We feel that this new approach helps us really make a difference for our people.”

Katie Woods-Ruddick

Chief People Officer, px Group